• Translation Services

    As a district serving a diverse, multicultural population speaking dozens of languages, JP Schools is committed to ensuring that all students, including English language learners, will have full access to the educational and career/technical preparation programs offered by the district. The Translation Services Department provides free written translations and oral interpretation services in Arabic, Spanish, and Vietnamese to help support English language learners attending JPPSS schools and their families. Translation services are also available for other languages on an as-needed basis.

    Services include, but are not limited to, written translations and interpretations at school meetings and events; interpretation for special needs students (i.e. ARD meetings); and electronic copies of previously interpreted parish-wide and school-level documents. For more information, please contact gabriel.cardoza1@jpschools.org

Request for Interpretation/Translation

  • JP Schools must provide language assistance services, including interpreters and written translations, to Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents, including those who speak major languages and lower-incidence languages. 

    Interpreter Request

    If you require an interpreter for a parent meeting (i.e. an IEP meeting), a request must be made at least 10 days prior to the meeting.  This request must be submitted online to the ESL/ELL Program in the Teaching and Learning Department by filling out the request form at the bottom of this page and selecting "interpretation." The ESL Department is not able to guarantee an on-site interpreter for any request submitted less than 10 days in advance. 

    IEP Meeting Interpreters

    School staff members who have been trained and certified in IEP interpretation by the ESL Department may provide the interpretation services during the IEP conference.  Check with the ESL department to confirm if a staff member has been trained to interpret IEPs.

    Notice: We can only provide spoken-language interpretations. For ASL interpreter requests, please contact the Student Support Services Department.

    Translation Request

    If you require any documents translated, this request must also be made to the ESL/ELL Program in the Teaching and Learning Department.  Translation requests are processed on a first come, first served basis, and will be completed in 5-7 business days. Fill out the request form at the bottom of this page and select "translation" (an attachment option will appear). Documents received without a completed translation request form will not be processed. Please provide a Word file, unless it's an IEP document (pdf is accepted for IEPs.)

    If you are having issues with a document translation request, please email Gabriel Cardoza at gabriel.cardoza1@jpschools.org