• Dear Parents,

    Until school begins on Wednesday, August 26th, there are a variety of activities and resources that your child can access in order to get a head-start on learning for the new year. Students of all ages can utilize resources below to begin their learning journey.   

    K - 2  At-Home Sample Assignments

    • Read a book each day with a family member. Discuss the book.
    • Draw pictures and write simple descriptions to match the pictures.
    • Count items around the house.
    • Practice Math problems (Addition and Subtraction) each day. 
    • Play games together.  
    • Practice writing your name or other familiar words.  
    • Sidewalk Chalk Writing 

K-2 Online Resources with sample assignments

  • 3-5 At-Home Sample Assignments

    • Read several books daily and discuss what you have read. 
    • Complete Math Problems (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
    • Daily writing in a journal

3 - 5 Online Resources and Sample Assignments

6-12 Online Resources