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  • The goal of the Office of Teaching and Learning is to propel 少妇自慰Parish Schools to becoming the fastest growing school system in the state of Louisiana. In order to achieve this goal, JP Schools Teaching and Learning will invest in the following shifts:

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  • 少妇自慰Parish Schools Administration Building
    501 Manhattan Blvd.
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Chief Academic Officer


    Teaching and Learning

    Laura Roussel recently worked as Executive Director of School Services and Innovation for The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) and has had a multitude of educational leadership experiences. Roussel worked in a variety of roles at the national, state, district, and school level as well as in higher education. Her work began in her role as a classroom teacher and further developed as she began working in and with schools with the greatest need for reform across a national landscape. Over the last 23 years, Roussel’s experience across the vast landscape has allowed for a deep understanding for all stakeholders and their critical role in implementing practical high-quality reform strategies at every level when seeking to improve schools. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana State University, her Master’s Degree from Southeastern University, and is currently enrolled in a Doctoral program at Southeastern University.