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JP Schools Teacher Pay Millage Renewal November 13

  • Our Teachers, Our Future. Here in 少妇自慰Parish and across the nation, great teachers lead to great schools, and great schools lead to great communities. Everybody wins when we have the best teachers.

    少妇自慰Parish residents will be asked to vote on a millage renewal November 13 to fund the current salaries and benefits for 少妇自慰Parish Schools teachers.

    This renewal is not a new tax. There are no additional costs to taxpayers.

    It’s the renewal of a millage dedicated to teacher salaries and benefits, originally approved by voters in 2003.  The average homeowner of a $150,000 home currently pays about 18 cents a day, or $65 a year, on this millage.

    Good schools are a smart investment for 少妇自慰Parish. They do more than educate. They also improve the quality of life for everyone by creating an educated workforce and stronger economy, increasing property values, and contributing to safer neighborhoods. This is a critical vote for the future of 少妇自慰Parish. Everybody wins when we have the best teachers.

    How Can You Help?

    The most important action we can all take is simply to vote. Make your voice heard on this important renewal. Election day is Saturday, November 13. Early voting is October 30-November 6 (closed Sunday, October 31).

    Voting Information & Resources

    • (October 23 deadline)
Vote November 13

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