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Board Meeting Guide

  • The 少妇自慰Parish school board consists of nine members elected from districts by the citizens of 少妇自慰Parish. The superintendent is appointed by the school board to manage the administrative team of 少妇自慰Parish Schools. The School Board Meeting Guide has been prepared to assist you in understanding how the 少妇自慰Parish school board meetings are conducted and how you may participate.

    The school board schedules meetings once a month, with special meetings throughout the year as needed. School board members also serve on smaller committees that focus on specific issues, such as legislation, academic affairs, finance, insurance, facilities, and transportation, in addition to the executive committee, which focuses on specific administrative matters. These committees meet periodically throughout the year. Regular meetings of the school board are held at the Administration Building (501 Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey) on the West Bank beginning at 6 p.m. Times are subject to change.

    The purpose of the school board meetings is to act upon recommendations from the superintendent, authorize the spending of funds, adopt policies, and approve the annual budget. Specific school-related issues are handled through administrative channels, beginning with school staff and leadership.

    All regular, special, or emergency school board meetings are open to the public, and parents and community members are encouraged to attend. The board may occasionally recess into executive session during a board meeting to discuss items pertaining to litigation, personnel issues or other items approved by state statute. No official action can be taken during executive session.


    Agendas are available at the meeting, on the school board page of the district website or on Board Docs. The agenda is divided into several sections, including:


    All recommendations from the superintendent, including administrative, business, and construction items, must be put on the consent agenda to be voted on by the school board. Recommendations from board committees will also be placed on the consent agenda for consideration. Board members may pull individual items from the consent agenda for discussion during the board meeting, then vote on the item individually. All items not pulled for discussion from the consent agenda will be voted on collectively.


    This section will include first readings and other new business, which are items introduced by individual board members. All items of business that board members want to be considered and voted upon will be presented as a first reading at a board meeting. No debate, discussion, or vote is allowed on a first reading. The first reading will then be placed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled board meeting as a second reading, which may be discussed and put to a vote. Board minutes of public meetings are also available on the website after they have been adopted by the school board.


    Items of business first introduced by an individual board member during a board meeting. First readings cannot be discussed or voted upon and will be presented as second readings at the next meeting.


    A business item previously introduced as a first reading by an individual board member. The second reading may be discussed and voted upon at the board meeting at which it appears on the agenda.


    Anyone is welcome to speak at school board meetings. Public comment generally appears in four sections of a board meeting. The public may make comments prior to second readings, prior to the consent agenda, and prior to items pulled from consent agenda. Other general comments may be made at the end of the meeting, prior to the announcements. Members of the public who wish to address the Board are required to fill out a comment card and submit it to the board secretary before the meeting begins. Comment cards can be found in the entryway of the board room.

    Persons addressing the board are asked to be courteous and respectful. Individuals are asked to approach the board and state their name and address for the record. Public comments are limited to three (3) minutes per person.


    The public may contact the board secretary at 504-349-7803. Contact information for individual board members can be found on the board member page of the district website

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