Employee Portal

  • To Access the Employee Portal:

    1. Portal link: Cut and paste the portal link into your web browser: 
    2. Login page: At the portal log-in page, click on the link that reads “forgot password.”
    3. Email: Enter your JP Schools email address in the box with your name capitalized (ex. Jane.Doe@jpschools.org). This will send a temporary password for the portal to your email account.
    4. Temporary password: Check your email account to retrieve your temporary password. Copy the password so that you may enter it when you return to the portal, as you will need to enter this temporary password exactly as it reads in the email.
    5. Login page: Return to the JP Schools Employee Portal () login page. Follow the 3 steps below:
      1. In the email address box: Enter your JP Schools email. (ex.Jane.Doe@jpschools.org)
      2. In the password box: Enter your temporary password.
      3. Click Log In to enter the portal.
    6. Changing your password: Once you are logged into the portal for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new password. Please create a password that you will remember for future use.