A Special Message from our Superintendent

  • Dr. Gray

    JP Schools Family,

    Our strategic plan 2028: The Road to Transformation, Innovation, and Excellence outlines our hopes and dreams for our students, guides our work, and aligns our money and resources to the actions that will transform outcomes for our kids. The plan includes our mission, hopes and dreams, core tenets, capstones, goals, vision, priorities, and actions. You can review the entire plan below.

    2028 has been three years in the making and is the product of stakeholder meetings, visits to schools and classrooms, conversations with local leaders, the 1,106 stakeholders who participated in an online survey, an in-depth analysis of district data, and best practices in education. To view results from the online survey, please visit jpschools.org/2028SurveyFeedback.

    The 2028 plan builds on our 2024: The Future Our Kids Deserve strategic plan. Over the last four years, we have successfully implemented actions from the plan. In 2022, our district performance score improved from a 71.6 to a 74.4, which is the largest growth 少妇自慰Parish Schools has seen in 10 years. 2024 gave us the platform to move our district in the right direction. 

    The 2028 plan includes new initiatives such as:

    • Expand marketing efforts to recruit the best employees
    • Continuously assess student learning and identify opportunities for interventions through an Early Warning System
    • Create an Attendance Advisory Committee that consists of various stakeholders
    • Celebrate retired employees
    • Add an English Language Learners Superintendent’s Council
    • Conduct and utilize data from bi-annual student, family, and employee surveys
    • Reinforce cyber security protocols regularly with students and employees

    It’s our shared responsibility to give our students the education they deserve to succeed in life and make our world a better place. I am thankful to the students, families, employees, community members, and School Board members who provided insight to shape the plan. If we continue to focus on doing what’s best for students and building a culture of learning, we can accomplish anything. Together, we can be the proof point for what’s possible.

    Dr. James Gray 

  • our why and hopes and dreams



  • Build a culture of learning where students come first and are placed at the center of all decisions

    Engage students in rigorous standards-

    based instruction while supporting their academic, social, and emotional needs

    Invest in our teachers, support staff, and leaders by providing professional learning, supportive conditions, and ample resources



    Engage our stakeholders through regular two-way communications to ensure our people’s voices are heard and utilized

    Enlist our partners to support our students, employees, and schools

    Align school and central office supports

    and resources to our priorities


    Ensure that our organizational culture and structure support students




  • All stakeholders must share, support, and collaborate around the vision of growing our kids, growing our employees, and growing our organization. As a community, we must ensure supportive conditions that allow for improved student achievement.


  • Mission to Mastery

  • Home-Grown Success

  • Fast Forward