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    Adjunct Retired Teacher

    少妇自慰Parish Schools is seeking certified Adjunct Retired Teachers to work in grades 4-12 on a part-time basis and serve as the teacher of record in critical shortage areas. The Adjunct Retired Teacher will be used to cover vacant teacher positions until a permanent full-time teacher is hired. This will allow students to continue receiving quality instruction from a certified teacher. This is a non-benefit eligible position, thus the Adjunct Retired Teacher would not receive sick leave or qualify for a leave of any kind.

  • Scope of Responsibility:

    • Adjunct Retired Teachers will teach a maximum of two sections and will be required to participate in two cluster meetings per month.
    • Adjunct Retired Teachers will be required to complete lesson plans and input student grades and attendance into JCampus and will be evaluated by the principal using the current evaluation rubric.
    • Adjunct Retired Teachers will be partnered with a mentor teacher to serve as a support.
    • Adjunct Retired Teachers will not be required to participate in duty of any kind, will not be allowed to participate in any form of tutoring with students before school, after school, on weekends, or work summer programs, and may not serve as “Teacher as Sub.”
    • The Human Resources Department will consult with each retired teacher regarding their earnings limit in TRSL to prevent a suspension of the retired teacher’s retirement benefit. In addition, the Adjunct Retired Teacher will monitor and track his/her own earnings to prevent suspension of his/her retirement benefit.

    Skills and Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
    • Valid Louisiana Teaching Certificate

    Desirable Qualifications:

    • Retired within the last 7 years
    • Knowledgeable about JCampus
    • Knowledgeable about Google Classroom, Promethean Boards, and Chromebooks


    • Refer to Board Approved Salary Chart